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Our Products
Division I Taiwan to provide services from the mainland, Daigou goods not limited to!

As long as you provide a list of purchasing, other things we help you deal with (including the inland or Taiwan designated address), one-stop service, allowing you to send the peace of mind, rest assured!

As long as you need, we help you! Willy all the staff waiting for your visit!

Shopping Contact QQ: 2393446146


Operating procedures:
In this case,
1, to be first to the merchandise, I help the Secretary to contact Taiwan (mainland) sellers. And then arranged by the Division I pick-up, exchange rate subject to the operation of the exchange rate.
In this case,
2, I only charge the Secretary for Taiwan to the mainland or mainland China to Taiwan part of the freight.
In this case,
3, the goods are legally imported to the mainland or Taiwan.
In this case,
4, mode of transport: sea, sea fast, air.

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